Beck’s triad

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Beck's triad was described by the thoracic surgeon Calude S. Beck in 1935. It's components are:

1. Distended neck veins
2. Distant heart sounds
3. Hypotension

i.e. rising venous pressure, falling arterial pressure, and decreased heart sounds found in the presence of pericardial tamponade.

As part of this, let us not

As part of this, let us not forget a fourth member, "Kussmaul's sign." Here, there is paradoxical elevation of the JVP on inspiration in tamponade. Thinking through the physiology, this might also be apparent in tension pneumothorax.

this is cardiac tamponade

this is cardiac tamponade

If u recall Chest trauma

If u recall Chest trauma work-up: Beck's triad is a present on P/E in pt's with Cardiac Temponade,with all three Classic findings of (Hypotension,distended Neck veins,muffled Heart sounds)So either way Beck's triad is a sign of CTemponade,or CTempo is diagnosed by finding Beck's triad. both are right.

becks other triad??

becks cognitive triad: persistant negative thoughts about
1. self
2. world/environment
3. future

Becks Triad

or Tension pneumothorax


this is cardiac tamponade

Beck's Triad

Cardiac Tamponade.

I thought more specifically

I thought more specifically it was the narrowing if the pulse pressure due to the tamponade effect on the heart reducing the ejection fraction, with consequent loss of vascular pressure gradient. Leading to pea/emd.

Most Definitely

Narrowing pulse pressure is also a very important clinical finding along with increased CVP which goes along with distended jugular veins and hypotension.