Charcot's triads

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There are two sets of Charcot's triads relating to quite separate diseases.

A. Charcot's triad for multiple sclerosis

1. Nystagmus
2. Intention tremor
3. Scanning or staccato speech

While this triad is characteristic of multiple sclerosis, it is not considered definitely diagnostic.

B. Charcot's triad for ascending cholangitis

1. Jaundice
2. Fever, usually with rigors
3. Right upper quadrant abdominal pain.

Charcot's triad for ascending cholangitis is a result of ascending cholangitis (an infection of the bile duct usually caused by bacteria ascending from its junction with the duodenum). When the patient presents also with hypotension and mental status changes, it is known as Reynolds' pentad

Charcot's triads are named for the French neurologist who first described these combinations of signs in relation to these diseases, Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893.

charcots triad of cerebellar signs

dysarthria,nystagmus,intension tremors