Welcome to Classic Triads

Classic Triads is a website that aims to present you with a comprehensive list of classic threesomes of the world of medicine. Any student or practitioner of medicine doubtless has run into one or more of these triads while learning about different diseases and syndromes. In this website we hope to condense in one place all the wonderful classic triads of the medical world with diligence and accuracy. Some of the contents we will aim to present with each triad include where possible: • Name of Triad • Components of the triad • Causes, or associated disease process • Etiology • Treatment... and more Disclaimer While we strive, through rigorous research and by use of validated academic references to ensure complete accuracy of the facts presented here, we acknowledge that errors are possible. Should you find any mistakes or missing details, please do contact us. We also invite you to submit for our research and for addition to this website any triads that we may have inadvertently omitted.